What six lessons can you learn from Super Mario about freelancing?

What six lessons can you learn from Super Mario about freelancing?

I got my first video gaming system, a Nintendo Entertainment System, from my uncle. He thought that playing video games was a huge waste of time. Reading books was always deemed a "better use of my time" than making Mario run about saving princesses in the wrong castles. Back then, it was about making excuses to get more time to spend on the game than on homework. But looking back now, I found that the NES was a real good game that had a lot more to offer

I’ve come to discover that Super Mario has taught me 6 lessons to do with freelancing, good and bad. You may think that I am kidding now, but read on until the end and see if you agree

In Super Mario, at the end of some stages, there are warp pipes. These warp pipes are shortcuts that allow you to reach the final stage faster and skip a few of the stages in-between. However, in freelancing, there are no such shortcuts that allow you to slide over and skip some of

Making a quick buck may feel tempting, but it is important to remember that each stage of your career is a building block to your future success. There are no shortcuts to success, and each client, no matter how small their budget, is an important part of your journey. Ditching low-paying clients in favor of

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve success. You can't just take shortcuts by joining mentoring programs or reading books; you need to put in the time and effort to learn the necessary skills. However, these can be useful tools to help you learn more quickly and effectively.

The limitation that Mario has in only being able to grow by taking mushrooms poses some serious challenges for the player. If Mario doesn't find any mushrooms to help him grow bigger, he is likely to lose a life quickly. This can be a problem for players who want to complete the game

Don't be like Mario and only depend on one way to grow your income. In other words, don't put all your mushrooms in one basket or rely solely on one client's mushrooms.

If you want to achieve true freelance freedom, it's important to have a diversified income. This means having multiple streams of income that you can rely on. One way to do this is to focus on providing your freelance services to regular clients. This way, even if some clients decide to ditch your services, your

In the world of Super Mario, players can find hidden treasure in bricks or behind bricks with question marks on them. To get to these hidden coins, Mario has to break many bricks with his head or search in secret places for a treasure trove of coins. By doing so, Mario

The lesson learned here is that the real money isn't displayed out in the open. Freelancers consistently apply for work that is only displayed on online job ads, thinking they can land a good-paying gig. However, generally, the real money is not there. The best way

Like in Super Mario, there are secret places hidden all around us; to find the treasure, we sometimes need to search for new approaches and get creative. Work smart, contact reputable companies, market your business strategically and build a strong online presence. You will then be more likely to grab the attention of clients who are holding the treasure.

Super Mario's journey is full of obstacles, challenges, and enemies. In some cases, he needs ladder support to move on to the next stage. In others, he must jump a big flame and grab onto a flag pole or battle a dragon. These obstacles are what make the game and the journey fun!

Like in the Super Mario games, your freelance journey is full of obstacles. But don't worry, with a little know-how you can easily overcome them. Here

As a freelancer, you will constantly be faced with a variety of different challenges that can seem insurmountable at times. However, it is important to remember that these challenges are simply part of the journey and can be overcome with the right mindset

When venturing through the Mushroom Kingdom, you'll notice that there are certain stages where the environment drastically changes. For example, you might move from a plain landscape to deep underwater, or high above in the clouds. In these situations, a single misstep can mean certain death. This is where your adapting skills come into

As a freelancer, you'll always be working (and fighting) in different environments. Just like Super Mario, each gig differs from the last one - the rewards aren't the same, and neither are the

Assuming you're asking how to deal with different types of clients as a freelancer: The dream client is the one that everyone hopes for. They're easy to work with, have a clear vision of what they want, and are generally nice people. These clients make up a small

There is always a reset button for any game. You can hit the reset when your game is over and get another chance to save the princess. Freelance is a game as well. We are the players in it. And in every game, there are winners and losers. Countless reasons can lead players to failure but none of them can be responsible for any decision

There is no reset button in life to delete all the past experiences you have gone through. However, in real life, the reset button allows you to re-evaluate the factors that caused you to fail. You can then implement new approaches to achieve success. Remember: Never give up, you may lose the game but if you never give up, you haven't lost the battle

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